Trees Starter

The contrast between the most fertile cultivating soil in the trees nurseries business and the average roadside or the ground for building projects is very large. The amount of stress that arises from transplanting trees from avenues, forests and shrubbery public gardens, is significantly diminishing through planting hole improvements. Costs of plant replacement and follow-up-care as a result decrease very considerably. The above mentioned was a reason for Orgapower to develop a trees starter that is enriched with the Bio-stimulator compost from Orgapower (Biostimulatorencompost®), Fytocell®, and highly valuable peat. The trees starter should be mixed in a proportion of 5% to 30% with the planting hole ground depending on the soil composition.

Our features:

Orgapower Trees Starter is a combination of quality products that actively influences the conditions, nutritional levels and microbiology of the soil, by:

  • Increasing the porosity volume of the soil
  • Improving the moisture buffering ability
  • Increasing the minerals buffering and mineralization capacity
  • Making the air content in the soil greater
  • Great increase of the concentration of positive mould in roots
  • Suppresses significantly soil sicknesses and root-lesion nematodes
  • Orgapower has succeeded in achieving positive soil fungal strains including Trichoderma Harzianum T22 (this is the first plant enriched mould registered by CTGB in the Netherlands) mixing/breeding in high concentrations. This symbiotic fungus/plant association is known as Mycorrhiza. With Mycorrhiza the hyphae forms a closely woven mass around the rootlets so the mould promotes the uptake of minerals and water through the roots of the plant.
  • Orgapower Trees Starter remains excellently active even after a prolonged storage time and it is free from pathogenic germs and other nematodes.
  • The Trees Starter should be in the soil zone above the ground water level to be homogeneously mixed with the available plant hole ground.
  • The Trees Starter is mainly made out of stable organic resources that for many years continue to actively work in the root zone.
  • The Trees Starter is easy to apply because of its dry and loose composition.
  • The chemical composition is very safe in terms of EC, PH and nutrients. It contains all the necessary food for the first few years after planting!

Your advantages:

  • Working on active soil life is working on a better (root) soil environment. This creates a water runoff and nutrient transport system around the root, which gives lower costs for aftercare!
  • Orgapower Trees Starter promotes root development, resistance of the plant and healthier soil conditions, thus less plants to replace!

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