NPK Granules

NPK Granules

After years of research and development Orgapower enters the market with an organic granulated fertilizer. The granules have a value of NPK 5-2-4 and 1.5 MgO, having a composition of: 1% of ammonium nitrogen, 1.75% urea nitrogen and 2.25% organically bound nitrogen.

The key features of the product include:

  • Activates soil life and releases minerals in favor of the plant
  • Prolongs the action and high availability of minerals
  • Little to no filtering to groundwater
  • No burning of the vegetation
  • It can be applied for the most diverse purposes, as in tree nurseries, public parks and gardens, landscaping and land maintenance, strawberries cultivation, etc.
  • Easy to apply with all scatter and dosing systems and it disperses perfectly even for a homogeneous growth

Instructions to use Orgapower’s NPK Granules:

Trees and shrubs (open field)
Planting 20-30 kg/100 m2
Maintenance fertilizing 16-24 kg/100 m2

Perennial plants
Basic or additional fertilizing 16-24 kg/100 m2

(Cut) flowers and flowering plants
Planting 20-30 kg/100 m2
Maintenance fertilizing 16-24 kg/100 m2

Planting 20-30 kg/100 m2
Maintenance fertilizing 16-24 kg/100 m2

Bulbous and other ornamental plants
Planting 16-24 kg/100 m2
Maintenance fertilizing 12-20 kg/100 m2

Fruit (soft and hard fruit)
Basic or additional fertilizing 16-30 kg/100 m2

Installation 16-24 kg/100 m2
Maintenance 12-24 kg/100 m2

The doses mentioned above serve as guidelines. The exact dosage depends on the needs of the crop, the time of application, the nutrition reserve of the soil and the legal provisions for usage.

Packing Method:

Orgapower’s NPK granules are offered in small bags (25 kg) as well as in big bags (1,000 kg). These two types of packaging can be delivered by means of pallet handling at your home. Order/additional information: This granular fertilizer can be directly ordered at Orgapower.

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