Molm dung manure

Molm dung manure


Orgapower, in collaboration with the intermediary Kroon Waarland, can dispose high quality RAW molm dung manure from various deposits registered in the Northern and Southern part of the Netherlands.

Features of the molm dung manure:

  • Has a slightly rougher texture due to the old manure component.
  • Provides structure to improve the soil.
  • Applies to food and humus.
  • Adds wide functional fiber structure to the soil life.

The molm dung manure is weighted by sample and delivered via a recognized molm dung freight company (Firma Kroon).


The default application is 1-2 m3 and up to 5 m3 per 100 m2 Ensure that the material is always absorbed (milling) in a way that a plant is never 1:1 in this fertilizer.

Molm dung manure

The molm dung manure can be produced according to the client’s specifications. Standard stock is a popular blend of fine black peat, mushroom compost and old manure mixture (a homogeneous product of various types of old solid manure).

For sales and customized advice please contact our representative for this product, Mr. Albert Dortmans, through, the fax number +31 (0) 73-6872609, or the mobile number +31 (0) 6-27047151.

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