GFT keurcompost


The agricultural compost from Orgapower complies with the legal compost requirements regarding heavy metals and other contaminants such as plastic and glass, as well as with the quality standards on organic matter content. Additionally, the majority of the compost types we offer under the quality label "Keurcompost", a product certification granted by the compost industry, meet the requirements of the various food safety certificates in agriculture and horticulture. The certified Keurcompost label has additional requirements that are stricter than those included in the national legislation for, inter alia, a certified production process; independent sampling; independent annual audits (ECAS); and, a higher frequency of analysis on more parameters. In addition, most of the compost types that Orgapower sells are under the SKAL conditions for organic agriculture and horticulture.

In short: The Orgapower certifeid compost is an ideal supplier of organic matter. This compost can be provided to your company at very attractive conditions. The agricultural certifeid compost may be delivered in sieved fractions of 0-10, 0-12 or 0-15 mm. In addition we can deliver the very fine so called “certifeid finecompost”, which is finely sieved and has absolutely no long parts..

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