Orgapower Ornamental Fertilizers

Orgapower Ornamental Fertilizers


Orgapower can offer high quality ornamental fertilizers that come from a legally registered storage site located in the area between the rivers Maas and Waal.

Features of the Orgapower Ornamental Fertilizers:

The ornamental fertilizers have a fine loose structure through a high share of RHP-consumer quality peat and composted spent mushroom compost. This fertilizer supplies powerful and stable humus into the soil and gives it a functional fiber structure. For example, it stimulates the worm population.


Standard application: 1 to 2 m3 and up to 5 m3 per 100 m2 Ensure proper absorption of ornamental fertilizers for enriching purposes (milling) in a way that a plant is never 1:1 in this fertilizer. The material is also suitable to use as a scattering layer between existing or new plants.

Orgapower Ornamental Fertilizers can be custom manufactured.

For sales and customized advice please contact our representative, Mr. Albert Dortmans, through, our fax number +31 (0) 73-6872609, or the mobile number +31 (0) 6- 27047151.

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