Orgapower Energy Mix

Orgapower Energy Mix

Years of experience in the field of processing organic waste and renewable energy, in combination with a clear vision of sustainable solutions for organic waste, have led to Orgapower®Energy Mix.

Orgapower®Energy Mix is a sustainable biomass product fabricated by using out-of-date products from supermarkets and it is an ideal power source in the anaerobic digestion for the production of biogas.

Daily eatable products, from which its consumption date has passed, are collected from a range of supermarkets and then transported to a processing site of Orgaworld. In this installation, the organic material is separated from its non-organic part (packaging material) by means of a new and innovative process comprising a series of efficient separation techniques.

In this way, this organic waste product is transformed into a sustainable biomass product and concentrated into a high-calorific plastic component, which is very suitable for application in (power) plants.

The production of Orgapower®Energy Mix creates a double environmental benefit. On one hand, with its production a significant waste problem is solved and on the other hand, this energy product replaces the first-generation biomass products and/or fossil fuels.

Orgapower®Energy Mix is a pumpable product with a dry matter content of ± 19%. It is characterized by a high-energy content and has a biogas yield of about 160 m3 biogas/tonne (*). Based on this gas yield it can produce alongside a similar amount of residual heat in a modern cogeneration (CHP) 320 kWh (**) electricity per tonne of Orgapower®Energy Mix. Given the origin of the material (human food) the mix is a clean and reliable biomass power source with very low concentrations of heavy metals.

(*) Based on testing in a digester of Orgaworld, 55% methane
(**) Conversion factor 2 for a CHP (combined heat and power plant)

Product Characteristics:

  • Second-generation energy product. Reliable, clean and durable with a dry matter content of ± 19% and a gas yield of 160 m3 biogas/tonne.
  • Pumpable product, easy to handle and excellently dosed.
  • Orgapower®Energy Mix is 100% made out of waste products, which are mentioned in the so-called positive list of co-fermentation materials.
  • Orgapower®Energy Mix is almost entirely free from inert contaminations (packaging material <0.5% dry matter).

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